MD355 Over Bennett Creek Bridge

Project Scope

Concrete General was commissioned to improve traffic safety and reduce storm flows overtopping the roadway, the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (SHA) proposes to replace and relocate Bridge No. 1008600 on MD 355 over Bennett Creek. To improve stream conveyance through the roadway crossing, SHA also proposes to relocate a portion of Bennett Creek. A temporary bridge and roadway will be constructed to maintain traffic during construction. The proposed bridge replacement/stream relocation will permanently impact approximately 2,780 linear feet of Bennett Creek and unnamed tributaries and approximately 0.77 acres of nontidal emergent wetlands. In addition, approximately 1.9 acres of impact to nontidal emergent wetlands is associated with the establishment of riparian buffer enhancement features (i.e., stream bank benches and terraces) along the 2,200 linear feet of relocated stream. These 1.9 acres of nontidal emergent wetlands will be replaced on-site upon project completion.

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Project Information

  • Project Date

    December 9, 2018

  • Project Status


  • Project Contract Value

    $11.5 Million

  • Project Owner

    State Highway Contract # MDOT SHA #FR1325180